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International Toilets: Things You Probably Don’t Know A considerable number of homes have toilets that are somehow not in tandem with other parts of the globe. If you are a globe trotter, you have probably noticed how public toilets in some countries are miles ahead due to the features they have. These features make the toilets easier to use, and most of them can actually be implemented in your own home. Heated Seats are rather easy upgrades, but they make a big difference. Were you to install a heated seat, no longer will you have to cower of cold porcelain on your skin. The seats are heated around 80 degrees, to input just sufficient comfort without being too hot to handle. Additional advanced versions of this feature include automated heating functions depending on when the toilet is used. For example, if in the morning is when a toilet is frequently used, one is able to automatically set for the toilet to heat up at this period. Heat seats are usually powered by a typical wall outlet. It is imperative to work with a professional plumber to ensure that the toilet’s pipes and setup do not meddle with the power of the toilet seat.
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Despite bidets being in the US for quite some time, we are yet to catch up when stacked up against a country like Japan, or China. Bidets function by producing a water jet that cleans you once you are done at the restroom. Bidets are operated by a small button on the toilet which can be activated by the user.
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A couple of toilet seats around the globe have automated features to make toilet management and access rather easy. Thanks to seat sensors installed at the toilet seat front, users can nowadays delight in toilet seats that automatically rise as they approach. Installing glow in the dark seats that have light or glowing material will enable you see even at midnight. No longer will you have to switch the lights on as you go to the washroom. The use of computer technology cannot be overlooked in the 21st century. Toilets are no exception since we now have toilet upgrades that help with interactivity and medical diagnosis. There are sensors able to measure body fat and blood sugar content. This can be used by your doctor during diagnosis, so as to probably change your diet for the better. There is even automatic toilet flushing and bidet activation thanks to voice activation features. These washroom upgrades do not come cheap in most cases. It is therefore good to bring on board a competent plumber in order to avoid financial constraints, in addition to having equipment that is a good fit for your toilet installed.